About the Author

ProfileAngela Taylor Hylland ventured into the world of book writing to fulfill a promise to her beloved mother-in-law, Sue, whose bright light was extinguished byย breast cancer.

When Angela isn’t writing or navigating the great unknown of parenting, she’s juggling two entrepreneurial businesses, planning her next adventure, crafting up a storm, and sneaking in a little gaming time.

Professionally, she’s most well known for her editorial work on preschool toys, including the award-winning line of Cranium Bloom games, puzzles, and activity books; family games, such as Cranium Family Edition, Whoonu, Kabookii (Nintendo Wii), Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Game, Smithsonian Mission Museum, and MythBusters Hit the Target Trivia Game; and adult party games, like Cranium WOW and Party Playoff.

She’s the dream chaser behind My Castle Heart Publications and owner of Syntax Sorceress LLC, where she works her wordsmithing magic for clients like Hasbro, Target, Microsoft, Wonder Forge, and Pluto VR.

Once upon a time, she majored in journalism at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, minoring in English literature.

Angela lives in Seattle with her husband and best friend, Ryan; her sociable daughter, Szaba; her inquisitive baby boy, Von; and her rescue pup, Pavlov.

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