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Author Denim Jungle Book Event Storytime Story TimeThe Denim Jungle explores themes of imagination, perspective, childhood, and connection.

Angela, the author, is available for events, story times, school talks, Skype discussions, and book-themed activities like:

Email thedenimjungle (at) gmail.com to learn more.

She’s currently working with a panel of teachers to create lesson plans related to the book, so if you’re interested in that, email her as well. Ideas and requests welcome!

For older audiences, the story behind the story (check out the Look Inside feature on Amazon) also addresses themes of grief, legacy, persistence, and goal setting, which Angela is happy to discuss.

Angela mainly speaks to audiences in and around Seattle, but may consider events farther afield. There’s certainly no harm in asking!

Send an email. Ask a question. Say hello!

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“This book is a celebration of a child’s imagination. The voice and word choice make it a wonderful book to read aloud and the colorful illustrations contain incredible detail. I can’t wait to share The Denim Jungle with my students.”—Patti Kudrle

“Our family loves this whimsical story! It’s beautifully illustrated, and the writer’s ‘story behind the story’ adds a layer of depth to the meaning of this sweet story. It’s a keeper!”—Mia Pelt

“This book is a rare example of something that I could enjoy reading to my daughter 1,000 times, which is exactly what I will do because she is two and wants the same book over and over again. It is refreshing to find a children’s book that could be intended for a large age group, and it is for that reason that I am buying a copy for every child in my family.”—Maia Vechey

Event Leaves“I believe that no matter what the age, great books shine through as great books. In the same way that Pixar movies are magical for all: great children’s books should also convey a sense of wonder, magic, and storytelling for child and parent alike. The Denim Jungle does exactly this. It not only brings the adult reader down to the kids perspective of literal and imaginative reality, but also heightens the child’s sense of imagination of a much bigger world than themselves, but yet one that is relatable. Basically, I love this book as much as any kid and rank up there with some of my favorites, like The Cat in the Hat, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, or Three Questions..”—Amazon customer