Leo Denim JungleThe Denim Jungle is a highly stylized hard-cover picture book exploring the themes of imagination, perspective, childhood, and connection.

If you’re interested in stocking it, The Denim Jungle is available via Ingram or by consignment. Email thedenimjungle (at) for more details.

Angela, the author, is available for events, signings, story times, book-themed crafts, Skype talks, and discussions about self publishing. You can reach her at the email above. For older audiences, the story behind the story (check out the Look Inside feature on Amazon) addresses themes of grief, legacy, persistence, and goal setting, which Angela is happy to discuss as well.

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“This is a gorgeous little book with a great message. It may change the way you look at the world. My 6-year-old daughter says The Denim Jungle is, ‘Awesome and amazing. I like all the creatures and pants. My favorite part is all the parts.'”—Christa Charter

“It’s a beautifully rendered, impressionistic tale, full of imagery and focused through a unique, thoughtful lens. The kids will love the imagination and magic. The adults will appreciate the lyricism and craft.”—Steve Trumpeter

“This book has the rhyming approach I love in a children’s book, which makes it so fun to read as a parent—though my almost 9 year old has read it more then any of us. She loves this book and understood it right away. It’s so beautifully illustrated, you want to keep hunting for more details each time you read it. Highly recommended.”—Margaret Coughlin

“Inventive, charming, and from the heart… The Denim Jungle is an imaginative everyday adventure and a sweet reminder of the magic that happens when you view the world through a child’s eyes. Gorgeous artwork!”—Catherine Carr

The Denim Jungle is a simply beautiful, sweet children’s book. I love that it’s told from a child’s POV and how they see and experience the world. And the bigger message of noticing the beauty in everything is a valuable one for children and parents alike.”—Deborah Reber